“Turtle” by Sarah LaPierre Canvas Painting


Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of only standing still. Grab this “Turtle” by Sarah LaPierre Canvas Painting and be inspired to continue the fight.

Sarah LaPierre is an award-winning millennial artist recognized by her style ‘Thick Paint’. Her inspiration comes from the tropical azure skies and environment that surrounds her in the Sunshine state. Her decorative artwork is sure to add color vibrancy and a visual texture to any decor.

We offer free shipping and professional packaging on this product so you can receive it in its best quality. This is printed on thick canvas using bold ink to make it more realistic. It can be assembled on any frames and hang on any part of your home. In addition, this is available in various sizes which you can choose from.

Turtles may not be the fastest, strongest, or smartest animals but that doesn’t stop them from being totally awesome.

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