“Frozen Lake” Framed Abstract Wall Canvas Oil Painting


The use of dots in this iconic image encapsulates the message of beauty and liberality that it expresses. It opens the mind to the dynamism that each element in the painting exudes. The oil painting which is based on the design principle of subtraction and minimalism aptly sets the tone for expressing a whole image in parts. It connects the dots both literally and connotatively to imbue the excellence of this trendy work of art. Every savvy art lover would experience a shift in paradigm as their minds are opened to explore new possibilities through this painting. This handcrafted design is a depiction of precision, poise and finesses all in one wrap.

The colors and the pigments illustrate the evolution of a concept that can hold the attention of every meticulous art lover. The mix of colors is a reflection of modern pointillism or modern divisionism. It gives the mind something to chew as the dots and paints blend into a dynamic composition. This art style is distinct and would add a huge lift to your collections. It expresses the audacity to believe, dream and envision new possibilities. This visually striking work of art is a seal of dexterity exquisitely distilled on a canvas.

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