Europe Vintage Cow Head Skull Natural Desk Decor


As a symbol of nurturing, power, and fertility, the cow has been closely associated with the concept of Mother Earth in many cultures. For hundreds of years, cows have been very generous with their life force and have always behaved in a selfless manner that their symbol is married to the concept of provision. The cow totem is connected to the Earth, nature, and reproduction, much like the bull.

The cow skull must be treated with dignity and respect. Even when all that’s left is the cow skull, it still indicates the humble being that has lived its life through simple pleasures.

If you like collecting these cow skulls, then grab this Europe Vintage Cow Head Skull Natural Desk Decor now. 

We offer free shipping and professional packaging for this product. This is also made from high-quality resin and has a uniquely American style. This can be placed on your favorite table or can be displayed in your living room. Your guests and loved ones will surely be bemused by its beauty. 

Grab this decor now and be reminded of life’s fluidness. The carved cow skull tells us to not take things for granted as life eventually ends.

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